Have you ever sat inside on a rainy day, staring longingly at your backyard deck? Stop letting the weather chase you inside. D.E.C.K.S. can provide a deck cover installation for your house in the Clarksville & Pleasant View, Tennessee areas. You'll be able to keep the rain off your deck without enclosing it completely. Not only can you stay dry on your porch while it's raining, the extra protection will make your deck last longer.

Schedule your deck cover installation by contacting us today at 931-627-2290.

How to tell when your deck needs replacing

Even with proper protection and care, a deck will need to be replaced eventually. If your deck is starting to look old or damaged, call D.E.C.K.S. for a deck replacement.

Watch out for these signs that you need a new deck:

  • Rotten wood
  • Unstable railings
  • Discoloration and stains

Our team can dismantle your old deck and build a new one to your specifications, so you can get the design and style you want.

Enjoy the great outdoors more often with a cover installation or deck replacement in Clarksville, Pleasant View, TN or surrounding areas.